When is the best time to eat Power Poppers?

  • In between meals to ELIMINATE hunger cravings and MAINTAIN blood sugar levels.
  • As your pre-workout snack to feel FUELED but not full.
  • When late night CRAVINGS hit, grab a low-carb Power Popper for GUILT-FREE SATISFACTION.

How many Power Poppers should I eat per day to achieve a healthier diet?

I recommend eating 1-2 Power Poppers per day. Each serving is packed with OMEGA fatty acids and ANTIOXIDANTS which can aid in LOWERING cholesterol levels and DETOXING your body.

Should I store Power Poppers in the Freezer or Refrigerator?

Power Poppers are best stored in your freezer. Once removed, allow each Popper to defrost for roughly 30 seconds, then give the bottom a soft push to "pop" out your cookie-like snack. This will also ensure a shelf life of at least 3 months.

Can Power Poppers stay in my Refrigerator?

YES! For those who prefer to have their snack chewier, Power Poppers can be stored in the refrigerator and eaten with a utensil. The shelf life will be shortened with this method of storage compared to Freezer storage

Can my children eat Power Poppers?

YES!! Power Poppers offer superior nutrition to all ages. Foods that are rich in nutrients are MOST important for children in order to grow and develop at their maximum potential.

How long will Power Poppers stay good to eat without refrigeration?

While refrigeration is required for long-term storage, Power Poppers will stay good to eat for up to 48 hours at room temperature. So don't be afraid to take one on your all-day adventure!