About Us

Yes, My Name is Charlie!!

My name is Charlie Mayeux and I am the owner/founder of Charlie and the PB Factory. I received my Bachelor's degree in Athletic Training from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in May of 2017 and am currently a Certified Athletic Trainer. I started making Power Poppers in college but at that time, they didn't have a name except "Charlie's everyday snacks". Power Poppers were quick, convenient, and most importantly delicious snacks that fueled my busy life. Now I am on a mission to share my healthy recipes with the world! 

The Journey Thus Far

I started selling Power Poppers at my local Farmer's Market and they were instantly a big hit! Everyday I would make small adjustments to each recipe until everything was perfect. After a month at the Farmer's Market, I was able to get Power Poppers into a local Nutrition Store (Planet Nutrition). Now available in 10 different Planet Nutrition franchise locations, Power Poppers can also be purchased from local stores such as Good Eats Kitchen, Red Lerille's Health and Racquet Club, Sandra's Health Food Store, and more! Today, every Power Popper purchased is hand-made and carefully packaged by me (Charlie). Running this business is now my full-time job (plus overtime lol) and I make sure every order delivered or shipped out is nothing less than perfection. Charlie and the PB Factory is raising the standard for healthy snacking. 

What Makes Power Poppers So Great??

We all know maintaining a healthy diet can be difficult. Time and taste are at the top of the reasons why this is true. With Power Poppers, these issues are gone! Each Popper is individually packaged and ready for you to grab on your way out the door. The 14 superfoods I use to make these snacks are some of the most nutrient-packed foods our Earth has to offer. Each SNACK size Popper has only 5 grams of NET Carbs and 10 grams of PROTEIN, making it perfect for low-carb diets or those trying to lose body fat. The only question left is taste, and you'll get the answer you want after just one bite.